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  A Writer’s Paradise

I want to take the time to personally welcome you to Fiction Writer’s Corner – A Writer’s Paradise!

The creation of this website and the writing tools along with a powerful community support mechanism that will soon be available to the general public, especially the writing community, is designed to take your writing dreams and aspirations to a whole new level.

I’ve been putting pen to paper, pushing typewriter, and computer keys for more than 30 years now. Personally, I couldn’t imagine a life without being able to tell a story. There’s something romantic and exciting about the idea of writing a novel. If you have attempted to write on a consistent basis for any length of time, if you have started a book project and have been at it a while, you know first hand just how difficult and lonely a business writing can be.

I have encountered bouts of loneliness in my time as a professional writer while struggling to find helpful hints and tricks to keep my writing projects afloat and on schedule. Lets face it, writing isn’t always easy, especially when you set out to write a novel. Writer’s can be super efficient when it comes to conjuring up an excuse not to write. I’m pretty sure I could write a book on this very topic because I’m convinced no other writer can find more excuses to write than yours truly.

I’m reluctant to admit when I reach that familiar dark void, I find the thought of quitting the trade all together more tempting than I should. There have been times when I have looked to finding an easier way to work at my craft without the continuous flow of self-doubt that taunts me more than it should. That familiar voice is quick to remind me that I’m not worthy, I’m not talented enough, and goes on about how I lack the necessary skills to produce a publishable work of fiction or non-fiction for that matter.

Yes, it’s all true. I’m always quick to press on though, in spite of myself. There is no doubt, I was born to write. I don’t profess to be a great writer, a ‘money making machine’ writer if you will. I suppose at the end of the day you can say that I write more for pleasure than for dollars, though a big pile of cash generated through book sales would be nice. My mind is constantly churning up new ideas for book projects. I have no problem developing titles for future projects and I can even produce a novel from time to time.

The Balance, is considered an action, adventure story about the end of days. This book represented my very first writing project, completed in 1979, all 850 pages. It took me approximately 2 years to produce the manuscript. My 2nd novel, The Earth God, another 850 page novel about a mysterious creature on the loose in Africa, was completed in 1981. Then came a book of poems and a book of short stories. After all of that came another novel entitled Blue Freedom, about a man who sets out to find himself in the mysterious land of Ecuador. This exciting project weighed in at a little over 450 pages.

I’ll be discussing many of my writing projects in some detail in future blogs so I won’t reveal much more here. Other writing projects include The Upton Seizure, In From the North, When All Arms Are Down, Sleeping With Lola, The Shift Alliance, The Sacred Side of the Mountain, One Man Alone in Paradise, another book of short stories: Pappy and Dingus the Dog, The Importance of Things Never Said, The Eternal Life of the Righteous Blue Mare Butterfly, The Wolf Mountain Chronicles, Running From God, the Lady Harrington trilogy and many more!

Recently, after a return trip from Costa Rica, I published my first business book, Unlock Your World-Class Potential – Playbook Strategies For Business Operations Excellence. This book can be found on Amazon, and on my business website at I ended up traveling to Costa Rica looking for inspiration to complete this book and it worked! Isn’t it funny how some authors will to the craziest things to complete a project?

In 2015 the idea of sharing my cavernous vault of writing projects with the world seemed like a smart thing to do, and thus began the Fiction Writer’s Corner journey. This unique website is designed to gather up all those writers who have struggled with various writing projects of all sizes and shapes while providing guidance with getting those projects on paper and in print. Many writers from all walks of life have struggled with formulating a solid writing plan, something I’ve never had a problem with.

At FWC we can all plan to happily shed the dark shadow of doubt, fear and the lonesome brick wall of affliction once and for all. After joining our talented community of writers from around the world, you will be afforded the opportunity to share your ideas and writing aspirations will like minds. Even more exciting, you will find ‘prepackaged’ writing projects that are designed to be crafted with multiple writers working on the same project simultaneously.

The Fiction Writer’s Corner program is explained in great detail on our website at What is the one piece of advice I would be willing to give freely to any writer at any level, you ask? Join FWC today and you will position yourself to receive the support, advice, and technical expertise you so richly deserve. I personally have never felt more excited about a writing project in my entire life.

So come on in, poke around a bit and plan to stay awhile. And remember, we are here to serve you, and assist you in all your writing endeavors. Yes it’s true, you have finally found a powerful and exciting writers paradise.

Look no further, your time is now!



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