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Note To the Reader – 2nd Phase Editing In PROGRESS – 02/25 /17

Every writer needs a special place to work on their masterpiece. The creative mind requires a unique form of stimulation. Personally, I can write just about anywhere. There have been moments when I feel like I need a special place to go to finish my work or iron out a difficult section of the book.

Chapel In the Clouds – my place of refuge! Talamaca Mountains, Costa Rica. When I was putting the finishing touches on my business book ‘Unlock Your World-Class Potential’, I couldn’t quite find the inner creativity to finish the last 3 chapters. Nothing seemed to work until I discovered a place in Costa Rica that stood out in my my mind. The property was visually stunning and appealed to my senses. High up in the Talamaca Mountains in the Souther Zone of CR, one man alone constructed a ‘Garden of Eden’ from a raw jungle over a dozen years ago.

I quickly made arrangements to travel to this amazing property, 1000 acres of stunning gardens and expertly crafted structures, with the intent on finishing my book. I made arrangements to spend 22 days in this paradise thinking that this was all the time I would need to complete the project. I scheduled enough time in my busy writing day to walk amongst some of the most visually stunning flowers and trees available in the world today. Between the heart thumping sounds emanating from the distant jungle, the sweet scent of many varieties of fauna sprouting from the multitude of gardens, I suddenly found myself in a writers paradise. The crisp, cool mountain air and the warm sunshine brought this magnificent experience together in a way I’d never known before.

Fiction Writer’s Corner is designed to offer you, the author an opportunity to work and communicate in a rich, writing environment of like minds. I personally like to think of this place as a writers paradise. A place that you can come to time and time again to work on projects that are tailored to ignite your inner creative prowess. Here, you will be able to partake in numerous writing projects that are considered of special interest to you.

The unique aspect of this program is that you can request a specific genre or book project that excites you the most. Our team will assist you with developing your idea while providing you with all the tools you’ll need to complete a book worthy of publication. We can assist with developing an outline, character and scene development and help you get over the tough spots in your project. We can also assist with writing a powerful synopsis and query letter. We can show you how to properly align your project with perspective publishing houses. In addition, we can help you design a beautiful book cover that will effectively communicate the project in a powerful, dynamic presentation.

Furthermore, we can assist with branding your book project while providing powerful marketing techniques designed to tap into the many book publishing and marketing opportunities found on social media. 2017 promises to be a particularly exciting year for developing creative publishing skills so today would be an awesome time to jump on board!

In this exclusive and innovative writing paradise, you will finally unlock a powerful opportunity to legitimize and formalize your precious writing project. Fiction Writer’s Corner is a unique concept designed to give your project the professional boost it deserves. We invite you to get settled in, poke around and plan to spend some time reviewing the many possibilities. As your comfort zone develops, we are convinced you will want to consider our 3 tier membership program and decide which model would best suit your specific writing needs. Of course, there is absolutely no obligation to join but we think you will be inclined to do so when you consider the value and tremendous opportunities available at FWC.

More importantly, you will be working in a powerful community of like minds. Never before has a writer been given an opportunity to complete a book project with a plethora of writing tools available to support your project, and combined with sound, time tested writing techniques, you’re chances of producing a publishable work is greatly increased. You won’t have to travel a 1000 miles to find a place to complete your project. Everything you will every need will be right here, at your disposal.

Wow, what an awesome, exciting opportunity! If only I had been given such an opportunity to join a community of writers from all walks of life, with a variety of dreams and aspirations, I’m convinced I would have completed many of my writing projects on schedule. Since we all can agree that writing is a very lonely process, we can all use a little community comfort from time to time. You have found the perfect place to shed all the potential roadblocks that hasten us in fulfilling a dream of a life time while taking complete advantage of this awesome program.

Though finding a writer’s paradise designed to get your book project into print isn’t always easy and can be very costly if you choose to seek a place somewhere in the world that just might inspire you enough to get it done. At Fiction Writer’s Corner, you will receive all the inspiration you need to become a legitimate, published author with a career that many others will envy. So come on in, settle in and plan to join our community of like minds in a true writer’s paradise and we think you’ll remain with us for many years to come.

We look forward to you joining us today. So let’s get started, shall we?


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