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Fiction Writer’s Corner – Time to Compose a Masterpiece (Updated on 2/24/17)

Our personal goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary to compose a masterpiece. By becoming a member of our impressive team, you will soon find yourself well on your way to becoming a respected author in demand. You will soon produce powerful and compelling literature with a voice that must be heard throughout the world.

Why Fiction Writer’s Corner?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a published author but you don’t quite know where to start? Or do you simply long to write – anything – short stories, poems, compelling e-mails, journaling, etc.? Fiction Writer’s Corner is designed to assist anyone who possess the heart and a burning desire to write, and to write well.

Our personal goal is to put the thrill and excitement back in to the art of writing.

As a member of our exciting writer’s platform, you will finally have a powerful opportunity to launch a highly sustainable writing career. Fiction Writer’s Corner is the perfect place to begin building a respected writing legacy.

Writing fiction is a great start because of the sheer simplicity in the very act of getting started. All you need really is a pen, paper, an idea and a little time to settle in to let the creative juices flow freely. We will always encourage you to let the colorful ideas, the memorable characters, the dramatic scenes, float around in your head, as they begin to pour out onto the paper.

One of the most compelling reasons a would be writer gives up the notion of ever becoming a published author is due to the solitary nature that quickly becomes the backbone of a career in writing. Fiction Writer’s Corner is designed to remove the solitary barrier the very moment you make the life changing decision to join this inspired, richly talented community of published writers of the future.

The very moment you make the decision to pick up that pen and paper and join our exciting team of writer’s from all walks of life, you will find comfort in developing your craft with a family of writer’s that care, are eager to show progress, and to learn the art of writing in great detail, with a strong emphasis on the basic mechanics of writing.

At FWC, you will find the inspiration and the page-by-page guidance you’ll need to keep you going, even through the most difficult moments of your writing adventure. Under our tutelage, you will receive that type of guidance you’d expect to find in a professional setting.

You will find all the tools you will need to succeed as you set yourself out on a writing journey that can potentially increase your chances of becoming a number one bestseller or the author of an international blockbuster. More directly though, you will begin to develop the knowledge you will need to move forward with confidence, while in control of every step.

If you have a question, no matter how technical, we will find the answer for you, fast and easy. Our ability to guide you through every step of your writing endeavor is far more advanced than most other online venues available today. More importantly, you will finally find the desire, to write that all important novel for the whole world to see.

Writing can be a very lonely and difficult endeavor, but at FWC you will be working with writers just like you. You will be able to share your frustrations, ask as many questions as you like, share in your ambitions and dreams as you work to complete the project that excites you the most. In addition, you will receive professional guidance every step of the way. We are a family of writers who aspire to complete the novel of your dreams with all the tools you’ll need to succeed.

We invite you to come on in and join our team! Be with us as we collectively launch one successful writing career after another. You will always be treated as a talented, inspired author with many words of inspiration to share with the world.

Greetings from our staff and we welcome you with open arms!


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