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Tom Stiveson

Tom Stiveson has been writing fiction since the age of 20. To date he has produced 4 complete novels, 1 book of poetry and 1 book of short stories.

The Earth God was his 1st endeavor, taking 2 years to complete. His 2nd novel, In From the North was completed within a year of his 1st book. Tom went on to compose numerous other works, including the book of short stories and poetry.

In recent years, Tom wrote The Wolf Mountain Chronicles, the story of a middle aged husband and wife who make the decision to leave everything behind and purchase a book store in the troubled mountain town of Wolf Mountain.

His next work was the Theory of Radical Dynamics, the story of a man (a business improvement expert) who retires to a houseboat on Lake Powel and is called back into action to assist with fixing one more failing multimillion dollar business.

Tom has since composed a business book, Unlock Your World-Class Potential – Playbook Strategies for Operations Excellence. The book was successfully published by a local publisher and is now available at www.tomstiveson.com.

Tom is currently working on Book #2 in the Unlock Your World-Class Potential series, while working on numerous fiction projects. For the 1st time, Tom has made the decision to begin a fiction writers blog outlining his expanding writing career while spotlighting his most recent fiction writing endeavors.

His latest book, Running From God, will soon appear in a serialized format, making 1 chapter available to read twice a week. Additional writing projects will eventually appear on his fiction writers blog found at www.fictionwriterscorner.com.

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