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    Jack Cobol has evolved into a highly successful businessman. Though he is driven to succeed at all cost, he is considered a committed family man, loyal friend, and faithful husband.

    The life of Jack Cobol has been blessed in everything he has touched until the day a dreadful letter arrives from his most valued client. On that same, memorable day, another letter sent by the IRS informs him that Jack owes a mind-numbing $1,956,435.22 in back taxes. The Jack Cobol empire will soon be reduced to nothing more than shattered dreams and a future filled with a dark void.

    A year after the great fall, Jack can scarcely recall how it all began with such veracity and speed. Divorce is now imminent, large sums of cash seem to have evaporated into thin air, and through all of the seemingly unending turmoil, there is nothing left to do but to run.

    Jack now feels compelled to run from the ruinous heap that was once a glorious life, and more importantly, to run from God. Jack is quick to blame God for the disasters that have struck with a mighty blow. Running from God will quickly prove to be the worst decision of his young life.

    Soon enough, running from God seems to provide the tonic one battered soul so desperately thirsts for. With a once prosperous life far behind him, Jack Cobol decides to travel 2,845 miles from Portland Oregon to Savanah Georgia. This coast to coast trip rapidly becomes a sojourn of the heart and of the soul, and the greatest mental and physical challenge of this man’s life.

    Tabatha Cromwell is the real reason Jack decides to leave it all behind. A new beginning with a woman who holds the promise of recovery seems the only way out of a life spiraling rapidly out of control. For Jack Cobol, the real descent into hell has yet to begin.

    Losing everything will change Jack Cobol for the remainder of his life, and running from God will begin the dramatic return to the life he desires most, to serve the one God of all creation, unconditionally, no matter the cost. For Jack Cobol, the cost may be higher than he is willing to pay.

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