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    Jack Cobol was once a very successful businessman. After brilliantly crafting his second business operation, ten years in the making, Jack suddenly learns that a major client will decline to renew a long-term, highly profitable contract. On the same day, the IRS informs Jack that he owes in access of a million dollars on back taxes that were never computed properly.

    The combination of both, creates the near disastrous perfect financial storm. Jack is forced to liquidate all business assets to pay the stunning tax bill. In the process, a once impenetrable marriage collapses as a result of the extreme stress inflicted upon the family.

    Jack is eventually forced to sell personal assets as the fall from grace is complete. Soon after the stunning fall, Jack finally makes the decision to leave everything behind in a desperate attempt to reignite the glory days of old.

    Desperate for an opportunity to return to the life he once knew and loved, Jack makes the decision to leave everything behind in search of a new life in a city that lies approximately 2,500 miles to the east.

    As Jack prepares to embark on a life altering journey few will ever experience, he realizes that his faith has been shattered, wondering how God could have allowed such a disastrous fall from the prominent world he once knew so well.

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