FWC Membership Programs Available

Silver Member Package


The non-member will be allowed to participant in 1 writing project of their choice per month. The non-member will have limited access to a select group of services offered on the Gold and Platinum Package. The non-member will not be illegible for the ‘live chat’ option. All project related questions and a monthly Project Progress Report will be sent by the program director via e-mail. All program questions will be answered within 24 hours of receipt.

Gold Member Package

Cost: $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year (save $20.00).

The member will be allowed to participate in 2 selected projects of their choice per month. The member will be allowed to converse with fellow writers working on the same project(s). The member will be allowed to participate in ‘live chat’ conversations but will be limited to 12 conversations per month or 3 per week. The member will also receive the following benefits.

– 3 Webinars per month
– 3 Podcasts per month
– Unlimited YouTube Videos
– Unlimited Access to the FWC Blog
– 1 Monthly Progress Report
– The FWC Monthly News Letter – Catch exciting updates, current fiction writing news, powerful ‘How-To’ tips and much more.

Platinum Member Package

Cost: $9.99 per month or $99.00 per year (save $20.00).

The member will be allowed to work on all 3 writing projects simultaneously if desired. The member will also receive the following benefits and will receive additional benefits as they become available:

– Receive a free signed copy of my latest business book – Unlock Your World Class Potential – Playbook Strategies for Business Operations Excellence – A savings of $18.95 – Shipping and handling included.
– Unlimited Webinar access
– Unlimited Podcast access
– Unlimited YouTube Video access
– Unlimited Live-Chat Participation
– Unlimited FWC Newsletters access
– Unlimited Future Periscope Video access
– Unlimited Exposure to ALL available writing projects
– Unlimited access to all FWC blog posts
– Unlimited access to routine updates and improvements to the program
– Participate in building and maintaining the ongoing list of preselected writing projects
– Participate in a monthly Skype conversation with the Program Director and Site Developer.
– A complete agenda will be sent to all Platinum members 1 week in advance of all preplanned Skye meetings.

All Platinum members that choose the $99.00 annual membership option will receive the following additional benefits:

-Receive a designated percentage of royalties based on the level of participation for preselected writing projects. Each royalty based project will follow strict legal guidelines. All non-royalty based projects will be identified in advance. One royalty based project will be identified each month.
-Receive assistance with the highly technical world of e-publishing for individual future projects.
-Receive assistance with composing powerful query letters, compelling book proposals, synopsis development, and book outlines to be sent to potential publishers.
-Receive assistance with book cover design. (May be charged a minimum hourly rate depending on the complexity of the project.
-Receive assistance with learning more about powerful software programs as they relate to the publishing world. Software will include but may not be limited to the following: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, etc.
–Automatically qualify to become an ‘official’ board member for FWC corporate based on experience as it relates to writing and publishing fiction novels, short stories, poems, etc. 6 fulltime board members will be selected between 2017/2018. A fulltime elected board member will participate in scheduled meetings to discuss and vote on important planned programs, progress, corporate structure, quarterly financial reviews and many other topics as they relate to FWC.

No long term commitment required. You may cancel your membership at any time.

Membership Consulting Program (MSCP): The hourly rate for Platinum Members will be offered at ____ per hour. This rate will be offered at ½ off the regular price for Platinum Members only. By participating in this program, the member will immediately begin to develop a one-on-one professional relationship with the Program Director (a published Author). The active member will be coached on the fundamentals of writing powerful and compelling fiction.
The student will immediately be exposed to the powerful tools needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive writing and publication world. The student will receive personal, hands on training and professional advice on all the the ‘hot’ writing topics from the program director.

Tutorial and instruction manuals will be available for distribution for an additional charge of $2.95 per manual. A few examples of what will be available in the coming months:

Writers Information Powerhouse – a treasure trove of pertinent writing tools, tips and tricks

Learn how to write a gripping, eye-catching synopsis a publisher simply can’t resist

Learn how to write a powerful and compelling book proposal that pops!

Learn how to navigate the complex e-book publication world with ease

Learn how to develop characters, points of view, emotions, plots, dramatic scenes, conflict resolution, powerful dialogue and much more

Learn how to professionally construct the first 3 chapters of your novel for submission

The ‘eye-popping’ mechanics behind writing the popular novel

Learn the difference between science fiction and fantasy

Learn why the first page of your novel is the most important page

Learn to channel your book project(s) with precision by journaling

Learn how to write a ‘hook’ that will entice the reader to read your book

Learn how to develop powerful and memorable characters that your reader will either love or hate

Don’t know how to start your, novel? Here are 30 tips and tricks designed to jumpstart your project in a flash

Learn how to develop and write Zip-fiction (a compelling novel with a total of 50 pages or less). I project Zip-Fiction will become the wave of the future for fiction in general

Learn the complex but powerful methods used to promote and market your book(s) via social media

You’ll want to join the Manual of the Month program because you most certainly don’t want to miss out on what’s new, what’s hot and where to go to find the answers you need to your most compelling fiction writing questions.


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